Posted on 11.07.2019

Регистрация на фирми. Данъчни декларации. Счетоводство.

Company registration in Bulgaria. How to register a company in Bulgaria? No Consultations’ Fees if you become our Client.
Company registration Bulgaria.
I Start Business in Bulgaria. Accounting services Bulgaria. Register a local company. Take the advantage of 10% flat tax rate for all taxes. We offer you the best prices – immediate prove, prices 50% less than those of competition.
Company registration in Bulgaria for 350 EUR Total Cash Out @ “0” Consultancy fees. 82 EUR monthly accounting fee, please find all details bellow….

Accounting services Paramount S Company registration Bulgaria Paramount S Why Paramount Services?
350 EUR total cash out for a Company registration in Bulgaria: 50 EUR government registrations fee + 100 EUR company capital + 100 bank fee Know Your Customer procedure + 100 EUR notary & transactions’ fees + “zero” Consultancy fee.

Registrations’ cost includes: Company’s registrations at the Commercial Register, Company registration capital, VAT registration, tax address, virtual office, social insurance account register, manager’s PIN issue, company stamp, IBAN opening fees, bank deposits, online banking setting, debit card issue and sending to your postal address, “0” Consultancy fees included in this offer (if you become our Client for accounting services) -> TOTAL COST no penny more -> this offer is 50% less than average price level .
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